Box Battle - Monarch Unlimited - 4 Box Break

Box Battle - Monarch Unlimited - 4 Box Break

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  • Description

    • Each participant will be randomly assigned 1 box from a case of Monarch Unlimited which will be opened live on stream.

    • The following list of 30 cards are ranked and the person who's box has the highest points in total will receive an additional sealed Monarch UL booster box shipped with their cards. Ranking is based on card name, not color or foil vs non foil edition.

    • This is an On Demand break, which means it will be scheduled once each break fills and you will be notified via Email.

    • In case of a tie: The person with the highest ranking level card wins. 


    Card Points:

    Points Card Name
    30 Great Library of Solana
    29 Phantasmal Footsteps
    28 Valiant Dynamo
    27 Carrion Husk
    26 Vestige of Sol
    25 Doomsday
    24 Eclipse
    23 Luminaris
    22 Dread Scythe
    21 Soul Shield
    20 Hexagore, the Death Hydra
    19 Celestial Cataclysm
    18 Shadow Puppetry
    17 Exude Confidence
    16 Nourishing Emptiness
    15 Herald of Erudition
    14 Raydn, Duskbane
    13 Invert Existence
    12 Phantasmaclasm
    11 Genesis
    10 Rouse the Ancients
    9 Shadow of Ursur
    8 Tear Limb from Limb
    7 Mark of the Beast
    6 Lumina Ascension
    5 Shadow of Blasmophet
    4 Tome of Torment
    3 Guardian of the Shadowrealm
    2 Tome of Divinity
    1 Beacon of Victory