International Orders

International Orders

This page answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding international orders. Please contact us at if you have additional questions, we are happy to assist you. 


Does ChannelFireball ship internationally? 

Yes we do! However, Wizards of the Coast restricts us from shipping any Magic: the Gathering sealed product released within the past 2 years outside of the United States or its territories. Please note that this policy applies to sealed products only—Magic: the Gathering singles and supplies, such as sleeves and deck boxes, do not have this restriction.


Does ChannelFireball ship to mail forwarders? 

Yes, though we reserve the right to refuse shipment to a mail forwarder if we deem there to be an unacceptable risk that the shipment will be lost or damaged in transit, or if we are unable to verify that the payment was made by the authorized user of that credit card or PayPal account. We treat shipments to mail forwarders as international shipments with regard to Wizards of the Coast policies, therefore we cannot ship any Magic: the Gathering sealed product to mail forwarders.  


What shipping options are available to international customers?  

ChannelFireball offers and strongly recommends FedEx International Priority as a tracked, secure method of shipment. We also offer UPS Mail Innovations to select countries, though this method is tracked it is handed off to local postal carries during the final stage of delivery so it is not as secure. Due to this we always reserve the right to change shipping methods to a more secure carrier should we think the order requires it. For more information, visit our Shipping Rates and Information page.


Will I have to pay customs duties or taxes when a shipment arrives in my country?  

Possibly, though due to the fact that policies and rates vary by country we have no way of knowing if and how much you will be charged once a shipment reaches you. We strongly recommend checking with your country’s customs office to find out what duties or taxes you might be subject to before placing an order. Keep in mind that when customs clearance procedures are required, it can also cause delays beyond our estimated delivery times. 

ChannelFireball bears no responsibility for any duties or taxes levied on you by your country. Please note that if you refuse a shipment because your country is charging excessive fees or taxes and it is returned to us, we will only be able to refund your payment once we have deducted our original shipping cost, any return cost, and up to a 10% handling fee. We wish to avoid this situation and so should you, so we recommend that you find out exactly what duties or taxes you might be subject to before placing an order.    


I tried to order Magic: the Gathering sealed product, but I couldn't check out. Why is that?  

Our system currently does not permit customers with international shipping addresses to check out if their order contains Magic: the Gathering sealed product released within the past 2 years. This is due to a restriction placed on us by Wizards of the Coast that only allows us to ship Magic: the Gathering sealed product released in this time frame within the United States and its territories.


I do not live in the USA or its territories, but wish to purchase Magic: the Gathering sealed product to be shipped to me somewhere in the United States. Is that ok? 

Unfortunately, no we cannot. Due to Wizards of the Coast policy, orders containing Magic: the Gathering sealed product released within the past 2 years that are placed using an international payment method will be cancelled or held for adjustment. This includes, but is not limited to, PayPal payments made with a non-US credit card and shipments intended for international locations routed through US freight forwarding facilities. In order to comply with Wizards of the Coast policy, we must ensure that any Magic: the Gathering sealed product we sell released in this time frame does not end up outside of the United States or its territories.


Does ChannelFireball accept international credit cards?

Yes, but international credit cards may be subject to additional verification to confirm whether the purchase has been made by the authorized user of that credit card. While we realize that occasionally this may delay an order from shipping immediately, we perform additional verification in order to protect against fraudulent activity while still allowing us to ship worldwide. 

If we require additional verification, we will email you soon after you place your order with information on how to complete the verification. Unfortunately once a verification has been initiated, we are unable to ship your order until the process is complete. We do our best to ensure that all responses to verification requests are prompt to minimize the delay before your order can ship. 

Once a credit card has been verified, you will be free to use that credit on most future orders without having to go through the verification process again, though ChannelFireball reserves the right to refuse any credit card as a method of payment for any reason, regardless of whether the credit card has been verified or not. 

If you wish to arrange an alternate payment option instead, we are able to accept Wire Transfers. Please contact us if you are interested in this form of payment.